Website overhaul

Updated look and new capabilities

It's been long overdue to do something fresh with this website. It is indeed just a static POD (Plain Old Doc) viewer with Kelp Framework and some CLI management sugar, but it could be more. The code is quite funky, as I decided to do it in procedural/functional style with many function references flying around, but it is not that bad after I got used to it again.

So now, apart from slightly upgraded look, it also hosts all my projects with their own dedicated pages. Metacpan will target those pages as homepages for the modules, so that there will be more places that spread the word - both about Perl and about my modules for it.

Cool thing is that I integrated the tag system with projects system, so that each project now has a dedicated tag for it. Two latest articles covering it will be hosted on the project main page, as well as a link to a full paginated list. This really breathes life into these pages, making them feel less dull and static. I am quietly working on some projects behind the scenes, and one of them can hopefully complement this website when it's finished. Only time will tell.

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Published on 2021-01-10