Support me

What I do

I spend a lot of my free time contributing to the Perl ecosystem. I write free and open source software which handles various tasks, most notably Bitcoin-related cryptography and website development. I also help other Perl authors by submitting patches or taking maintenance over completely.

Additionally, I run a couple of smoke testers for CPAN and occasionally write Internet articles about the technologies I use.

I always strive to deliver high quality code in hopes it will prove itself useful to the community.

How to support me

The best way you can support me is by giving my modules a try and upvoting (MetaCPAN / GitHub) if you find them useful. This way you will let me know that the time spent making them wasn't just for sport.

An equally good way is to get involved in development of my modules - reporting any problems, suggesting improvements and supplying patches. I am very receptive to contributors so you don't have to worry about being ignored or turned down, as long as your intentions are sincere.

How to donate

If you wish to support me with your money instead, you can do by sending bitcoins. See my donation page.